• Access Anywhere

    C3 is built upon PHP and MYSQL and grants the ability to access data remotely at anytime without the need of syncing a device. Conduct an observation in a classroom and have reports ready in your office within seconds of saving your data.
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  • Custom Templates

    C3 comes pre-loaded with templates, but each administrator has the ability to make and customize templates to best suite the needs of your district or school.
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  • Charting and Reports

    Charting data and printing reports has never been so easy. The charting feature in C3 provides dynamic charts with the push of a button. C3 also contains a built in pdf report feature.
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Dynamic Charts

C3 Charts

C3 offers two types of charts, bar charts and pie charts. Bar charts are used to display the module observables and the points used to observe. Pie charts are used to tabulate the allocation of instructional time.

Bar Charts

C3 comes with a dynamic charting library that will generate charts as images so you can easily save the charts for a presentation or future reference. Simply generate the desired charts and right click to "save image as" and you're ready to go.

Pie Charts

C3 also uses pie charts to display data. By default pie charts are reserved for the last module, Time Allocation. As you conduct your observation, keep an eye on what's going on in the classroom so that you may accurately record group work with teacher interaction, group work without teacher interaction, etc...