About C3

C3 is a data collection, collaboration and coaching tool designed to help administrators conduct walk‑throughs, get an accurate snapshot of the classroom, analyze data, and share concepts with staff. It is a web‑based application that can be used with most web browsers, and is optimized for use on an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone. The program is server‑based, which means that all data is instantly available, and there is no syncing required from device to device. The data resides away from the computer or handheld device, so it can be accessed from the Internet with an account login.

C3 has an easy to use interface and supports charting, printed reports and aggregating by school, subject or grade level. Many of the features can be customized to fit the needs of a district or school site and saved into templates. Each observable can be simplified or extended for everything from a 5-minute walk through observation to a series of comprehensive observations. C3 supports multiple observations, multiple observers, pie and bar charts to offer the user district multiple opportunities for effective communication and collaboration.

C3 works from a collection of templates and can be customized for many types of data collection. Observables include: teacher and student behaviors, English learner strategies, instructional design, allocation of instructional time, technology integration, and many others.